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Professional Background

Mary Vaughn has many years of experience as a teacher, performer and musical director with schools, colleges, theaters, and churches.   She has also been an event director for condo and homeowner associations.   She holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Alabama, (piano, voice) and Master of Arts degree in music, begun at University of Virginia and completed at Radford University, Va. 

Additional study included the DMA program in music performance at Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore (voice, piano, conducting)   Further musical theater, opera and vocal study was done in New York City.    She has presented many piano and vocal programs and recitals; performed and directed in community & professional choruses, orchestras and theaters. 

A variety of programs and services are provided and you may request a complimentary meeting to discuss your event needs.   Contact Mary by email or phone   



Benefits of Music

Mary is committed to the pursuit of learning and excellence and encourages study and participation in music activities and development of ones creativity.    These activities and skills developed are transferable to many other areas of their lives.   Regular study and participation in these activities can also provide many benefits.

While it is important to begin music and related artistic or creative activity early in life, it is never too late.    From younger students to older adults  may receive benefits such as:         

  • Persistence and Concentration
  • Poise and Self Confidence
  • Social and Leadership skills
  • Discipline
  • Stress reduction and overall health
  • Improvement in math and reading
  • A lifetime of enjoyment 

Contact Mary for a complimentary meeting by phone, email or in person. 

Email:  Mary@EventsMusic.com  

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